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Welcome to the LEAP documentation!

This is the documentation site for the LEAP Encryption Access Project.

Here you can find references to technical documentation and tutorials for different parts of the project.

[NOTE] As of today, LEAP offers building blocks for provisioning a secure VPN service. As an example, RiseupVPN is deployed used the LEAP VPN Platform, and the clients are built from the leap-android and leap-desktop codebase.

[TIP] This is a living index. More detailed documentation can usually be found within each repository.


Overview 🔎

An architectural overview of the different components used in LEAP.

Circumvention 🔥

A short introduction to common censorship categories, and some circumvention techniques used by our tech.

Tutorials 📖

A series of tutorials to help you getting started with several tasks related to setting the LEAP VPN Platform.


Android 📱

The android client is developed in leap/bitmask_android. Go there to track issues, or learn how to contribute to android development.

Desktop 💻

Desktop application is developed in leap/bitmask-vpn. Issues and hints for developers live on that repo.

l10n localization 🌐

Visit the Localization Lab wiki to translate our apps. For these documentation pages, send pull-reqs to leap-docs 🖤